Hypericum Perforatum Natural Organic Herb Products aka St John’s wort

St John's wort aka Hypericum Perforatum is a medicinal herb known to physicians since ancient Greece. Its common name in Greek is "Valsamo" "βάλσαμο" (means relief from suffering). It has distinctive yellow flowers and is collected from pastures at the end of spring - beginning of summer. 

  • Its well-known for its medicinal properties as
  • a great, natural, anti-depressant.
  • the flowers tea is a natural pain control remedy.
  • The olive oil extracted from its flowers can be used very effective externally and has great healing properties on a variety of health issues.


St John's wort  and depression

St John's wort is a known herbal treatment for depression. It is commonly prescribed for depression. The best studied chemical components of the plant are hypericin and pseudohypericin.
An analysis of clinical trials concluded that extracts of St John's wort were superior to placebo in patients with major depression. St John's wort had similar efficacy to standard antidepressants.

Highest quality Saint Johns’s wort products

Making the highest quality Saint Johns’s wort products is very easy as long as you have a straight forward focus on quality. All you need to do is follow the ancient Greeks way and use as natural products as possible.
First of all you need extra virgin olive oil of organic cultivation.
Then you go up the mountain and pick St Johns wort flowers at exactly the right time.
Then using only glass containers you put them together in dark place and let the oil extract everything from the plants.

For our product packaging we use

  • Amber medical bottles for our extra virgin olive oil Hypericum extracts in order to ensure maximum life of the product since it is sunlight sensitive
  • Our small bottles come with a dropper for accurate measurement of dosage.
  • Our herbal St John's tea is packed in environment friendly packaging.

Most important

we are making our St John's wort products to use ourselves

We have been making herbal olive oil extracts the traditional ancient way since child's. The ancient knowledge is passed from one generation to the next from father to sun . Proud to keep the Greek tradition of excellent quality products.